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We are a group of parents who believe that mobile devices have the power to be both fun and educational for our kids. Our mission is to help families turn mobile phones and tablets into truly smart devices! Yogiplay was created to give parents insight into their kids’ learning and development within a network of personalized, high quality, fun learning apps. 

Cedric Sellin, CEO & co-founder

Cedric has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Wharton with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship, Cedric was a member of the founding team at Aruba Wireless Networks and a Venture Partner at DN Capital. He has a passion for motorcycles and speed, but since becoming a father has spent more of his time developing his rapid morning routine skills!

What he wanted to be when he grew up: Axl Rose

Michal Sellin, Co-founder, chief technologist

Michal holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. An early employee at Google, she had the opportunity to work on projects that changed the lives of millions of people across the world. She focused on improving search quality, implemented search in right to left languages as well as the early versions of GTalk. Michal has a passion for learning, believes strongly in the power of languages, and loves to paint magical murals on her children’s bedroom walls

What she wanted to be when she grew up: Pilot

Laurent Bouis

Laurent has an engineering degree in Computer Science and was previously Director of engineering at Sony Network Entertainment, focusing on the eBooks service for Sony e-readers. He also worked at Napster on the music subscription service. His expertise includes e-commerce/billing systems and selling digital content. Laurent has a passion for soccer, and enjoys video games in the little time not spent with his kids.

What he wanted to be when he grew up: a soccer or music star

Michel Saoula

Michel has a degree in Computer Science and was previously the Lead Developer at, a hotel and restaurant recommendation company. He also founded BlueBytes Technologies, an IT company focusing on Information System Architecture and Software and Web Development. Michel loves exploring his new neighborhoods in the Bay Area when he’s not coding.

What he wanted to be when he grew up: A manga character

Yogiplay Logo

Why the name “YogiPlay”?

“Yogi”, because we were inspired by the holistic introspection of yoga; we want parents to get true, deep insight into their kids’ mobile learning.
“Play”, because that’s what young kids want to do and how they learn.
YogiPlay: mobile fun and learning for your family!

Product Team

Patrick, Maria and Christina enjoy making the YogiPlay experience and content into the best experience for parents and their kids! They can identify apps by icon alone, love big monitors and PhotoShop, and enjoy playing with kid apps.


Melody, Celine, Tim and Marcos love bringing YogiPlay’s message of great learning app experiences for families to life. They bring experience from top brand agencies, the kids apparel industry, front-end development and youth social networks.

Developer and Investor Partners

  • KwiqApps Logo
  • Juno Logo
  • Basho and Friends Logo
  • DN Capital Logo

As parents we care deeply about the experience our children have on mobile devices. These devices are part of their lives and we want them to have the best possible content to play, learn and grow with.

-Michal Sellin, Co-Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YogiPlay?
YogiPlay is a break-though mobile learning app platform and personalized recommendation engine for children and their families.

YogiPlay provides
1. Meaningful insight into their children’s app learning and play
2. Customized app recommendations tailored to their children and
3. Access to quality, fun learning apps that engage, motivate and inspire children to learn.

What age is YogiPlay designed for?
YogiPlay is designed specifically for apps for children from ages 3 to 8.

What is YogiPlay’s mission?
YogiPlay’s mission is to help families turn smart-phones and tablets into true learning devices for their children!

Is YogiPlay free?
YogiPlay is free for families! The only charge is if you decide to purchase recommended apps, but you remain in control of that decision.

Who founded YogiPlay?
YogiPlay was founded by Cedric and Michal Sellin.

As Stanford graduates, engineers and most importantly parents of three young children, the Sellins saw an opportunity to turn mobile devices into smart learning tools for children.

How does YogiPlay work?
YogiPlay is simple to use. First complete the YogiPlay parent sign up process and account set-up. Then select the YogiPlay-boosted learning apps that are most appropriate for your child. You can choose these fun apps by curriculum skills like Literacy and Arts & Music, among others.

As your child begins to play with YogiPlay-boosted apps, the YogiPlay adaptive-learning engine will give you insight into your child’s mobile experiences, and begin to make recommendations for other meaningful apps your child should explore.

You can get all of these benefits by tapping the “YP” Parent Center icon in the homepage of all YogiPlay-boosted apps.

How do you choose which apps to recommend?
YogiPlay's team of learning and education experts - with more than 100 years’ experience - personally reviews apps using rigorous selection criteria, founded on a broad-based learning curriculum, to provide parents with age-specific recommendations.

What categories of learning apps does YogiPlay recommend?
YogiPlay recommends age-appropriate apps for children in the following categories, including:

Arts & Music
Learning for Life
Physical Development

How is YogiPlay different from other mobile learning companies?
YogiPlay is different from other mobile learning companies in three ways:

1) YogiPlay is device and platform agnostic – In plain English, that means that YogiPlay works for most of the major mobile devices available, such as Apple’s iPhone & iPad, Android smart-phones and tablets and e-reader devices like the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes & Noble.

2) All of YogiPlay’s age-appropriate content is reviewed, tested, classified (by subject or curriculum group) and leveled (by age) by our educational experts. So YogiPlay makes it easy for parents to find the right content to meet each child’s needs.

3) YogiPlay’s proprietary adaptive-learning engine consolidates insight on your child’s play and learning progress across devices, then makes customized recommendations for other apps to explore, tailored to each child

Will YogiPlay to sell to my children (via in-app purchases, for example)?
YogiPlay believes strongly that all parent features (including app purchasing) should be seen by parents, not by children. We do not market or advertise to your children in app. When you visit the password-protected parent center, only you can see personalized recommendations for apps. You remain in control of any purchase decisions!

Where does YogiPlay get its content?
YogiPlay has a robust partnership program with quality mobile learning app developers and content partners who prefer the premium YogiPlay experience for distributing their content.

How is YogiPlay funded?
YogiPlay is a venture-backed company funded by DN Capital.

Why the name "YogiPlay"?
"Yogi", because we were inspired by the holistic introspection of yoga; we want parents to get true, deep insight into their kids' mobile learning.
"Play", because that's what young kids want to do and how they learn.
YogiPlay: mobile fun and learning for your family!

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